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When you reuse passwords, a hacker can access multiple services, which might explain why many of our survey respondents have been victims of cybercrimes.

By Eric Griffith

If there’s anything we repeat constantly at PCMag, it’s the need for everyone to take cybersecurity seriously. And while that is arguably on the upswing, a large swath of the populace is ignoring best practices—especially when it comes to passwords.

The numbers above from our recent survey of 1,041 adults age 18 or older in the US say it all. A full 70% of the respondents admitted they use the same password for…

Apple’s iOS 15 is here, alongside iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8. Here’s how to try it out on your iPhone.

By Chandra Steele

Did you ever look at your phone and get a little bored by its features? You download a new app or two for a sense of excitement but the feeling soon passes. Well, get ready to get a whole new phone without having to buy one.

Apple’s iOS 15 launched today, alongside iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8. There are FaceTime enhancements, better mapping, new notifications, fancy things you can do with your photos, help when you need…

HBO will no longer be available via Amazon Channels, but anyone affected by the change can grab a six-month, 50% discount on HBO Max for a limited time.

By Matthew Humphries

HBO disappeared from Amazon’s Channels store last week, and with it, roughly 5 million subscriptions to the service were canceled automatically. If you’re one of the people affected by this, read on: You’re eligible for a money-saving deal on a new HBO Max subscription.

The decision to remove HBO from Amazon Channels happened last year when WarnerMedia negotiated with Amazon to get HBO Max on the Amazon Fire TV…

A PCMag survey reveals that those who are familiar with the fledgling satellite internet provider want it badly — and, perhaps, fundamentally misunderstand it.

By Eric Griffith

The typical PCMag reader knows plenty about Starlink—we’re pretty sure that’s true, because of the stratospheric number of people who read our stories about SpaceX’s start-up satellite ISP. But it seems the general public is not as well informed. Our survey of 1,041 US adults ages 18 and older (members of the general public who don’t necessarily read PCMag) revealed that well over 55% were in the dark about Starlink.

That’s a humbling…

Will we ever know what was truly behind the spurious rumor iPhones would talk to satellites?

By Sascha Segan

Well, that was bogus.

Both prominent analyst Ming-chi Kuo and extremely reliable Apple reporter Mark Gurman got seemingly taken in this year by a rumor that the new iPhone 13 line would talk to satellites, something that completely didn’t happen during the company’s iPhone 13 announcement on Tuesday.

In fact, the iPhone 13 doesn’t even feature 5G band n53, the ground-based 5G band owned by satellite operator Globalstar, which I had speculated was the grain of truth in the rumors. …

Apple’s iPhone 13 is official. And while it’s not a major upgrade, there are still some key differences between the four models you’ll want to consider before you pull out your credit card.

By Steven Winkelman

Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup may not be a significant upgrade from last year’s iPhone 12 models, but there are some exciting new features. And with four phones that are all just a little different, you may have some questions. If you’re debating which iPhone 13 to buy, we’re here to help break things down.

The bug, dubbed ForcedEntry, could lead to remote code execution. Apple also patches an iOS flaw that leverages maliciously crafted web content to trigger remote code execution.

By Michael Kan

Time to patch your iPhones. Apple has uncovered evidence that attackers may be actively exploiting two vulnerabilities in company software to take over its devices.

The company issued the security patches today while warning the vulnerabilities could lead to remote code execution. That’s when an attacker can trigger the device to run rogue computer code, such as downloading a malicious program from the internet.

The first vulnerability, dubbed CVE-2021–30860, is…

TCL is putting the brakes on its foldable phone production for the next year, but we got to try its promising Project Chicago foldable clamshell phone.

By Steven Winkelman

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G may be the least expensive foldable to hit the market, at $999.99, it’s not cheap. And while it’s still too early to tell if the Z Flip3 is the catalyst that brings foldables to the mainstream, pre-order and early sales projections look promising.

There’s just one problem: Most people buy budget or midrange phones. And like microwaves in the 70s, laptops in the 90s…

Someone gained complete control over your computers and smartphones and now they’re making your digital life a nightmare. When a stalker gets their hooks in that deep, escape is difficult, but we can help.

By Neil J. Rubenking

Picture this. You enter your house and find a stranger (or an enemy) sitting at your kitchen table chowing down on your leftover potato salad and reading your mail. You order him out, but before long, he’s back. You change the locks. You call the police (who can’t seem to do anything). No matter what you try, you can’t get rid of…

The company is offering a P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise) guarantee that its latest robot vac will avoid solid waste.

By Angela Moscaritolo

Having trouble potty training your recently adopted pandemic pet? You might want to ditch your current robot vacuum and switch to the new iRobot Roomba j7+.

The latest addition to iRobot’s lineup can’t stop your dog from pooping in the house, but if your fur baby does have an accident, the Roomba j7+ won’t smear it all over your floors.

According to iRobot, the new vacuum uses a built-in camera and machine learning technology to detect and…


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